Thursday, April 1, 2010

More edits...

Still work'n away on my end. I've had a great day! The last BIG bug got resolved with the FireFox & Opera browsers now loading my Ultima4 page.

I'll mostly be resolving any remaining crash bugs that come up. The only things that I'm prepared to commit to for the last few things to implement would be a working animated title screen, and maybe a help system to let new players learn the 'alphabet soup' that is the Ultima interface. Also, I had a request to have a server-side save system so people could log on to multiple computers and play their character. Hmmm... methinks somebody is playing from home AND AT WORK. ;)

Version 0.9.9 (Thurs. Apr. 1, 2010)
- Streamlined a few of the merchant scripts: e.g. you can press return to get out of a buy menu.
- Fixed a problem where buying guild equipment would give the party 10 cloth armour.
- Fixed the sell armour routine.
- Fixed a crash bug when firing canons or casting spells while under monster ranged attacks.
- Removed the damage indicator that popped up when using the inn.
- Added an extra bit of text to indicate which inn rooms are more prone to attacks.
- Made it so that flaming oil or lava attacks will only leave a fire field or lava on a valid foot tile square in combat.

I will be away from my main computer for the next couple of days... but will still be receiving emails and facebook messages. Thanks to everyone who is helping to 'break' the game to make it better. I couldn't do this without you all, and your support.

Oh and in my play-testing... I've now achieved partial avatar status in all eight virtues. Using few if any cheats: mostly this was done to recover my game when I found various crashes.... honest. After all I'm an Avatar now... if I lie I lose an Eighth. ;)

Nite all, cya soon,

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