Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lots of Driving and a micro update...

Well we're in Portland. CRAZY Weather driving down here but we made it in one piece. I-5 can be REALLY SCARY at times. Also, we stopped off in Castle Rock Washington. I thought it burned down after 'Needful Things' but that was the Maine variety. Not much to see... even the signs lied where their information center was supposed to be. I think it's a pizza express hut now. Apparently there's not much of a need of for information in Castle Rock. Go figure.

Quick update for tonight:

Version 0.9.11 (Sat. Apr. 3, 2010)
- Fixed problem with moongate flashing when blasting many commands into the keyboard buffer.
- Fixed problem with bridge troll fights being skipped when blasting many commands into the keyboard buffer.

I'm starting to get into fixing all of these keyboard buffer errors where people are holding down movement keys and then seeing weird behaviour in the game. There will probably be a few more of these still to clean up.

Also my brother apparently found a crash bug when his whole party was put to sleep by squid. I couldn't replicate it but I'll keep an eye out for it. PS. If you see a group of Gazers heading your way (they tend to hang out in the Deep Forest in later stages of the game)... then you better have a bunch of Negate spells on you, and someone who can cast them. I speak from personal experience. I hate it when my game kicks my ass. :(

I'm getting ready to work on animating the main menu. This will be among the last features I'll probably work on in this game. It feels good to be close to the finish line.

Nite all,

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