Thursday, April 8, 2010

Game Update... are your save games happy?!?

Hiya all, here's a new update for the game:

Version 0.9.12 (Fri. Apr. 9, 2010)
- Resolved problem with whirlpools sometimes getting trapped on land.
- Fixed problem of previous topics of discussion appearing when trying to use an item.
- Fixed problem where inn usage stopped working after combat. (You would see a "' ' Killed" message.)
- Fixed combat sleep hang where when whole party put to sleep the game would seem to hang with multiple Zzzzz messages.
- Nerfed the monster sleep spell.
- Added a Pre-loader screen on start-up.
- Included a focus button on pre-loader sequence. ("Click on Ankh to Start")
- Fixed a problem with monsters being immune to fire field damage.

Things look like they are starting to settle down. I'm really trying to focus on any remaining crash bugs that are out there.

There is a small chance that tonight's update has destroyed your same games??? Please let me know if that is true and I'll try to get a 'quick'n dirty' way to get your data back.

I've got a new preloader & focus catcher control. That's just a fancy way to say "click on this" to start the game. It's just a way to get people to click on the game that is running in your browser so that all further keypresses go into the game. I'm starting to get into some really cosmetic stuff now... while I hunt down further bugs. I['m hoping to implement the title intro sequence in flash over the next couple of days. It's pretty much that last thing that is keeping my game from being "just like the original".

So Jean and I are back from our trip. LOTS of driving, and we were pretty drained once we got back. (I haven't even been able to make it to my running groups so that's how tired I've been.)

Thanks go out to Pete and Chris who've been picking away at the game. It's great to see your feedback guys. You're the reason I'm able to keep going when I'm super tired.

I'm hoping to do a few more non-technical posts. I want to start talking about how the Ultima games have influenced me over the years. I pretty much have a story for every iteration of the game.

Well I gotta get some sleep so cya,

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