Friday, April 2, 2010

Holiday Fun and Updates

Well Jean and I are now in Washington. She sleeps calmly while I work away on the project. We're in this REALLY great bed'n breakfast. There's a rushing stream right outside our window. I can hear the water from here. I bet you could write a really great novel out here.

Here's another cool factoid. I got an actual copy of Ultima4 in the mail today. Thanks to some feisty bidding on EBay. Not that I have a C64 to play it on... but I did get actual manuals for the game. I'm hoping to scan them in and somehow make them available RIGHT INSIDE my flash game while people are playing. It didn't come with a cloth map tho. I don't even know how that would look when scanned. I guess I'll stick with the digital version.

Anywhoo, my brain keeps going... even on holidays. I've done a couple of fixes and posted a new version for the site.

Version 0.9.10 (Fri. Apr. 2, 2010)
- Fixed the Line of Sight Algorithm for Cardinal then Diagonal for Bottom Left Quadrant.
- Fixed the buffer problems when performing peer, casting view in a city, or using the Lyceum telescope.
- Added better feedback for single letter/digit responses.
- Jinx, Negate, Protect, and Quickness duration length determined by caster level.

I've got three or four pretty steady testers work'n away at the game. My brother Chris has joined them as of today. Welcome Chris. I hope Bung is able to level up and get into some of the more interesting stuff I've got prepped for him. ;)

Also a big shout out to ex-roomie Peter Rattray who is just blasting away at the game. I had to stop at the US border to answer all of the Facebook messages that he sent me yesterday. (I get dinged for roaming charges on my cell-phone when I'm in another country.) So before Jean and I leave Canada, I'm just finger typing madly on my IPhone to get responses back to him about what to test and try next. Kudos man! I owe you a nice frosty one when I get back!

Nite all, and happy hunting to all the would be Avatars out there.

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