Sunday, May 2, 2010

Updates and more to come...

So I just put a new version of Ultima on the website. Here's the list of updates and improvements for the past couple of days:

Version 1.0.01 (Mon. Apr. 26, 2010)

- Fixed a bug where a person who was asleep or dead could guard a camping party. (Weekend at Bernies anyone?!?)
- Fixed a crash when entering a dungeon room.
- Fixed an occasional crash when the last monster flees a combat.
- Fixed a problem that a party could teleport up/down a level and then enter a dungeon room from a non-normal direction and then the entire party is stuck at (0,0).
- Removed drop shadow from text to improve visual clarity.

Version 1.0.02 (Thurs. Apr. 29, 2010)
- Fixed a problem when entering/leaving a city and trying to move before the city data is fully loaded.

Version 1.0.03 (Fri. Apr 30, 2010)
- Fixed a crash in the guild purchase script.
- Repaired the ladder data for Dungeon Wrong.

Version 1.0.04 (Sun. May 02, 2010)
- Fixed Typo for Bloos Moss to Blood Moss.
- Players can no longer attack people objects: Ankhs, Fires, Water, or Wounded.
- Torches now reset when entering and leaving dungeons.
- Cleaned up party dead code. Removed uaser prompt when resetting data back to Lord British.
- Fixed problem where Balrons would heal party members with Energy Attacks when a protect spell was active.
- Fixed internal crash when fleeing from a city combat.

Also... how would ya like to have Ultima 4 running on yer website???

Put the following HTML code in your web-page:

<iframe src="" width="664" height="418">
<p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>

I've tried to give you the best size for playing the game... but I can tweak it a little more on my end if people want larger or smaller versions (tho I don't know how you could play it any smaller).

ALSO! I've got tons of stories and updates to share with people as word about the game is starting to circulate around the internet. Jean (my lovely wife) is working hard behind the scenes to try to get people hyped about my Flash version of Ultima. There were two GREAT posts that have really helped drive up my site traffic: (thanks Ken!), and a thread from BoardGameGeek entitled "If you're a child of the 80s, any free time you have is gone..." ( I'll be sending a thankful message to Chris Palermo (who started the thread) later today.

Plus, I've had a thought kicking around in my head... I might make a couple Ultima 4 T-Shirts and give them out to the first couple of people who beat the game!!! Shameless promotion... possibly. But you gotta remember that back in the day Richard Garriott would send you a certificate if you told him you completed an Ultima game. And this was just one guy running a company in the days when email was restricted to the military and academics. :P

Sooooo more info to come, and I'm hoping to have time to tell ya some of the stories about the last couple of days. But I'm trying to get my main website Phi Psi Software up and running 'cause I'm going to the Canadian Game Developer Conference next week. Who know's what'll happen??? I'm kinda DREAMING that I might get hooked up with some development money and perhaps get to build more complex 'Ultima-type' games. Hey who doesn't want to get paid to do something they love!

Keep journeying onward folks,

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