Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Updates and GDC

Well I've got another update on my game for tonight. This one fixes a few brutal crashes that people ran into that kinda hurt their game. Hopefully there wont be too many more of these.

Version 1.0.05 (Thurs. May 06, 2010)
- Fixed a crash that would occur when casting a spell right before being attacked.
- Fixed a crash when a monster died in a Flame Field.
- Fixed the conversation data for Lady Tessa in Paws.
- Camping parties can no longer be ambushed by water creatures.

So tomorrow if the first day of the Vancouver Game Developer Conference. I've recently spent some time trying to update my webpage to show off my Ultima work. I'm really excited about attending and have made up some cool business cards to make me look professional. If wishes were fishes then perhaps I could find an investor to see the potential of making these kind of online RPG games.

The responses that I've gotten over the past couple of days have been AMAZING. I wish I had more time to mention all of them. But there were two comments that stabnd out. The first one was from a parent who thanked me because he showed (the game he used to play in his childhood) to his seven year old son, and the sone has been playing constantly for the past few days. That story really hit me. It's kinda the main reason why I work as a game programmer. The second one was from a guy who is working on his PhD in moral and ethical philosphy. It turns out that he decided to pursue this field of study because of the inspiration to think about morality from when he played the Ultima series.

There's so many people out there who have such fond memories of playing Ultima 4. I'd argue that fact alone is enough to qualify video games as art. Take THAT Roger Ebert. (Just kidding... I love your Tweets!)

All the best, and wish me luck tomorrow!

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